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Lose weight with 800 calorie meal plan


How to lose weight on 800 calorie meal plan?


Losing weight requires cutting daily calorie intake. Thanks to this your body does not only use energy from the food you are eating, but also from stored fat. 800 calorie diet may seem like a very drastic one compared to others, but it is not dangerous as long as it is used wisely. 



How to prepare for a 800 calorie diet?


Firstly, you should plan your meals for the days you are going to be on a diet. If you are not sure if you can do this or if you are not convinced, that you calculated the calories properly, you can try finding ready 800 calorie meal plan prepared by a professional. The amount of food you are going to be eating will be reduced, but it does not mean it should be poor in nutrients. 


Make sure the variation of ingridients is wide and the meals are well balanced. You should avoid plans that tell you to eat one big meal and fast for the rest of the day. A good 800 calorie meal plan should have the energy distibuted evenly through the day. Not only will it make you fell fuller but it will enable you to maintain stable glucose level. 


Before going on a 800 calorie diet you should prepare your body for it by going for example on a 1000 calorie diet for a few days before. It will prevent some of the stress on your body caused by sudden lower calorie intake. After finishing the 800 calorie diet you should once more return to the 1000 calorie one so you do not gain weight back as woudl happen if you started to eat much more. On low calorie diet your body thinks it should store all the excessive calories it is getting and going back to your normal eating without preparation may cause a jo-jo effect. 


You should not start exercising intensive just as you are starting your 800 calorie diet. If you did not do any physical activity recently, you should start at least two weeks before going on a 800 calorie diet, so you can make your body get used to working out and this will help you from feeling exhausted all the time.


800 calorie diet plan


Is 800 calorie diet safe?


If the 800 calorie meal plan is well prepared it should prevent you from feeling tired, hungry and irritated. If it has all nutrients properly balanced and you stick to it, it will do you no harm. Do not skip any meals, even if you want faster results. You should avoid intensive workouts while being on a 800 calorie diet, because they may lead to dangerous low glucose levels. The 800 calorie diet plan should not be used for long peroids of time. Body after long low calorie intake slows metabolism, what causes the diet being ineffective in the future or results are taking much more time to show. 800 calorie diet should be used interchsngenbly with other diets, richer in calories. 


Remember to drink a lot of water. Not only will it make you feel fuller, but since you are eating less food, you are not getting enough liquids from it like you would usually do, so make sure you stay hydrated. While choosing a 800 calorie meal plan look for the one that is rich in fiber which will keep your intestines working properly and will prevent you from digestive problems.



How much weight can you lose using 800 calorie meal plan?


800 calorie diet is meant to let you lose unwanted weight very fast. It is especially dedicated for people trying to get slimmer for big events like weddings or vacations. You can even lose up to 3,5 kgs a week. When you start using 800 calorie diet meal plan you will get rid of additional water stored in your body, which may stay there because of high salt intake and food surging in your intestines. After that the weight you will be losing will be fat tissue. How much fat you can burn during dieting  depends on your starting weight (the more you weight, the more you lose), how well your meal plan is prepared and how well you stick to it and whether or not you combine your 800 calorie diet with physical activities. The next important factor is how fast your metabolism is - you can boost it by drinking cold water with squeezed lemon juice and using hot spices. Avoid sparkling water, as it makes your appetite bigger.



What kind of workout will be appropriate?


On 800 calorie meal plan you are not providing your body enough energy to exercise as much as you would on higher calorie diets. You should not however not exercise at all, because sudden weight loss can cause your skin to lose its firmness. You should do less cardio workouts like running and swimming for too long. It is better to focus on something that will tone down your body and stretchen it. Thanks to that you will not feel tired, but you will be able to keep your body in shape. Also try going for walks or riding a bike to your work instead of sitting in a car. Every little effort pays off, but is more about being systematic rather than overstraining yourself.



How to stay motivated?


While being on a 800 calorie diet with well put together meal plan you should not feel hungry, but as on any other diet, it may be challenging to say no to every food temptation. You can start dieting with your friend so you can support each other, or another good idea is to go on a weight-loss camp where you can focus entirely on your diet and avoid any distractions. Do not set yourself unrealistic goals - try to lose weight in a healthy way and for good rather than too fast. When you do not meet your expectations you will lose motivation and it will effect in you getting back to the point where you started. 


The most important thing is not to focus on a particular weight you want to achieve, but rather on how to introduce healthy habits to your everyday life, so you can maintain what you worked so hard on. The effort should not stop after one or two weeks on a 800 calorie diet, because it is not only about slim figure, but being proud of yourself and feeling good in your own body. 



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