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Biological Age Test

biological_age_test_dr_bardadyn"How do we define a person’s actual age? We certainly shouldn’t rely exclusively on birth certificates, as they don’t always tell the whole truth."

part of the book „The Codes of Youth” by D. Marek Bardadyn


If you want to find out what your chances of staying young are, answer a few simple questions, which will test how you cope with the basic activities decisive for your biological age.


Biological Age Test by Dr. Bardadyn


Your calendar age:

Where you live:

I live in the centre of a large town or environmentally damaged region

I live in a medium-sized town

I live in the country or in a small town, in a house with a garden

Place of work:

Problems with finding work, fear of losing it or a stressful unpleasant job

Working from home, or not too stressful work

I like my work, it gives me a lot of satisfaction

Physical activity:

I don't do sport, rarely walk, go almost everywhere by car or bus

I walk a lot, exercise occasionally

I've been active for years, regularly play sport for pleasure

Free time:

I don't have any

I watch television, go shopping

I spend time on my hobby, relax, spend time with my family

Amount of sleep:

I sleep only 5 - 6 hours a day

I need a lot of sleep, 9 hours or more, and even then I feel tired

I sleep 7 - 8 hours per night

Stress levels:

I live in permanent stress at work, I have a stressful family life

I don't have a very stressful job or family problems, but little things can upset me

I don't worry about things that I can't control, I can handle stressful situations

I go to the doctor:

When I have to

Rarely, mostly to the dentist when my tooth hurts or to get a doctor's certificate when I have flu

I try to visit the dentist regularly and have checkups


I don't have time to eat breakfast, or I don't like eating in the morning

I eat whatever I can in a rush

I always try to eat a nourishing breakfast

During the day I drink:

A little: mainly coffee or fizzy drinks

A lot: coffee, tea, juices and fruit drinks

A lot: mineral water, juices, yoghurts, different kinds of tea

When I leave the shop my basket is full of:

Sausages, beers, sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks and ready meals

Healthy products, though I sometimes buy sweets, fizzy drinks or a "barbecue pack"

Everything I buy is on the list I prepared at home. I buy mostly fish, legumes, wholemeal products, fruits, vegetables, mineral water

Body mass:

I am severely overweight (BMI>30) or underweight (BMI<19)

I am overweight (BMI>26) or my body mass is constantly fluctuating (slimming, the yo-yo effect)

My body mass is normal and stable (BMI 20 - 26)

Climbing stairs to the fourth floor:

Is not for me, I get out of breath, I feel faint, I have to stop on the way

I can do it in one go, but I get out of breath

It's no problem

Flexibility test (stand and bend towards the floor without bending your knees while stretching your hands out):

My hands reach my ankles

My fingers touch the floor with difficulty

It's no problem to rest my palms on the floor

Memory and concentration:

Read the following list of words and ideas slowly three times. Close the book and see how many you can remember: Structural rejuvenation, diet, exercise, oranges, avocado, strawberries, ageing, cholesterol, free radicals, milk, mineral water, yoghurt, toxins, tiredness, stress

Less than 8

8 - 12

13 or more


I've been smoking for years or I've just given up again for the umpteenth time

I did smoke, but I gave up over 2 years ago; I don't smoke, but my work colleagues or someone I live with does

I don't smoke, I don't spend time in smoky places

Exposure to harmful chemical substances:

I use powerful agents with bleaches in the house for cleaning and washing, fabric softeners, stain removers, intensively perfumed cosmetics, I work with chemicals

I use a vacuum cleaner with filters and delicate cleaning and washing agents, cosmetics for children or people with allergies

Self-discipline to me is:

An unnecessary restriction, life imposes too many of them on us anyway. I only get involved where I must

A path to perfection. Unfortunately, I burn hot and cold with everything

An essential part of reaching your goal. I set myself realistic goals and try to see them through

Use of medicines:

Due to a chronic condition I permanently take popular pharmacological remedie

I have to take powerful medicines regularly, for example steroids

I occasionally take medicines, say for a cold, I sometimes take supplementary minerals and vitamins

I consume alcohol:

Occasionally, in small quantities

I drink a beer or one or two drinks daily

A lot more than above

My genetic predispositions are:

Good, I come from a long-lived family

Medium, there are occasional cases of chronic diseases among my relations

I suspect that I am burdened with tendencies towards serious diseases, which frequently occur among my relatives

My average body temperature is:

About 36.6

Suffering from chronic sub-feverish states, over 37.2

Usually less than 36 degrees

While reading this book I'm breathing at a rate of:

12 or fewer breaths per minute

12 - 16 times

More than 16 times a minute




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