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Dr. Bardadyn 'The Patron of Health'

Award for Dr. Bardadyn for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Camps

Spa and wellness hotels offering slimming, rejuvenating and cleansing packages with the Dr Bardadyn diet. Choose and book now!

Elixirs of Youth

The most valuable products of Dr. Bardadyn Diet are Elixirs of Youth, which are natural fresh weight loss smoothies

Diabetic Diet Plan

The Dr. Bardadyn Clinic recommends a diet for diabetics. Fast normalization of body weight and blood glucose levels. Effective in the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

AQUARIUS***** Spa & Wellness

The AQUARIUS Spa & Wellness hotel is becoming an important weight loss center at the Polish seaside. An effective diet attracts more and more guests.



Diet Plans of Dr. Bardadyn Clinic
The latest version of Dr Bardadyn Diet Plans available also in PDF file

Weight loss at the Baltic Sea
Structural Diet in AQUARIUS SPA*****

Bestseller "The Codes of Youth" now in English
A premiere of English editon of best selling book by Dr. Bardadyn.

"Weight Loss Weekend" has aroused great interest.


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